How Wilma's Cakes LLC Came to Life

Everyday I bake with her in mind, I know she is right by my side.

My grandma was the kind of person you wanted to be in the same room with. When you were having a bad day you wanted a hug and a vent session with her. When you had the best day ever, she was the first person you wanted to tell. My grandma was the best person you could ever meet. The emotions are endless as I try to write this. When we would be asked in school who our role model was I would always reply my grandma. Who did I want to be when I grew up? My grandma. I hope that I have become even the smallest amount like her. There are many reasons I created Wilma's Cakes LLC but only one reason I picked the name, she deserved it. After my grandma passed away in 2013 so many things changed. Everyday I found myself questioning if she would be proud of the choices I was making; if she would be happy with how it was all turning out. Without her everything was so much different. I was beyond blessed to have had her in my life for 17 years, but I wish with everything in me that she could be here today to see what I've done.


It gives me the greatest pleasure using some of her recipes and being able to share her yummy treats with the world. My grandma lit up the room no matter what she was doing and we hope with every purchase from Wilma's Cakes LLC you will receive even the smallest glimpse of how amazing she was.

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