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7 years ago things were so much different. Recently I found a few journals that I had kept in 2012. While going through my room, like everyone else, I got caught up looking through them. From the words on the page to the little sketches in the margins, you could tell I was depressed. You see my freshman yesterday was the year I was at my worst, mentally and physically. The long road of doctoring had started and I was feeling defeated. I was switching back and forth between medicines, as well as doctors, and I just didn’t see a reason to move forward. Around this time, my grandmother was sick. In one of the journals I wrote about a conversation I had had with her. During the conversation she said “Sabrina we are falling apart, aren’t we?” Oddly enough that’s what it seemed like at the time, me searching for my diagnosis and her fighting the beginning of the long road of cancer. With it being a new year I wanted to take a second to reflex on some of the words I read in those journals. Every page was filled with sadness and defeat. I slept very little and I hurt oh so often. But from all that I have become me. I am so happy to say that my depression is at its lowest right now! I have started my OWN business and it’s booming! My family is healthy. I have an amazing man by my side. And I am happy. Truly happy. I wish I could go back to those dark days and give my self a huge hug and say, just wait, wait and see what’s coming. Because look at it all, it’s so beautiful. I’m so so blessed to see 2019 because at one point in my life, I didn’t think I would. I’m blessed that research has improved and more people are being diagnosed early and not having to suffer so long like I did. I’m blessed to have spend time with my grandma for as long as I did. I can feel another amazing year of blessings coming our way.

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