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Finding Good Gluten Free Food Is SO Hard

Updated: Dec 5, 2018

Hi Guys! Thank you for taking a second to check out our blog. My name is Sabrina Ganschow and I am the owner & founder of Wilma's Cakes LLC

I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2012. Gluten Free food was SO much different then. Honestly everything tasted liek cardboard-yuck! Slowly and surely food got better. Through the years I would find products that I LOVED and after a while they would be gone (Gluten Free Rice Krispies and Goodbye Gluten Sandwich Bread) or I would discover that they were no longer safe (Cherrios). This sucks! (Side not #1: you do not have to agree with me or follow my eating choices, this blog is not to change your mind!). Now 6 years later, I am so happy with the progress that the Gluten Free food makers have made, but I continue to reflect on where they came from.

I would love to dive into products that I miss that have been taken off the shelves but maybe I will save that for another post! Before I get started I wanted to throw in our side note #2. While I have no idea how many people will see or read this but what I do know is there will be some people who will sit there, read the whole blog, and chose to judge my eating habits. Before you do this and decide to send me a message, don't. I know I dont always eat the healthiest foods but some of these products make me feel "normal". If you follow a Gluten Free diet and eat ZERO processed foods, good for you! BUT that is now me.

Okay, with that being said, I will FINALLY jump into the list. Below I will include my favorite products and where I have found the best luck finding them.

-Barilla Pasta: This is by far the best Gluten Free pasta I have tried and I have tried ALOT. Hy-Vee and King Soopers/Kroger seem to always have some on hand

-Made Good products: YUM! All of their products are SO good. Unfortunately on top of Celiac Disease, I also have a severe nut allergy. Sometimes this makes it hard to find Gluten Free snacks like franolabars and granola. This company sells products that are made in a dedicated tree nut & peanut free facility, certified Gluten Free, and DELICIOUS! They are free from the top 8 allergens (Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Wheat/Gluten, Soy, Dairy, Eggs, Sesame, & Fish/Shellfish). It is so nice to eat yogurt and granola again!

-Lance Cheese Filled Crackers: These are such a comfort food for me. They are also SO addicting, I can eat an entire box in one sitting (You can judge me for that). They taste like the cheese crackers you used to eat when you were little. I have found them at Hy-Vee.

-Bread: Canyon Bakehouse has been the best store bought bread I have had. Their sandwich bread, bagels, and buns taste the most like regular bread by far. When I dont have time, or motivation to make my own bread, this is definitely my go to. Festival, Hy-Vee, King Soopers/Kroger, Amazon, and their website are all great places to find their products.

-Annie's Mac&Cheese: I love Mac&Cheese! There are some TERRIBLE box Mac&Cheeses out there, but this is the one that I have loved for at least 4 years. I alnost always have a box of Annie's in my cupboard. I appreciate their regular Mac&Cheese (Blue Box) but occasionally I will reach for their White Cheddar Shells (Purple Box), not so much for the flavor but more so for the noodle shape (Am I the only one who thinks that way?). This is another comfort food for me. While my friends ate Kraft Mac&Cheese, I was also able to make a quick meal. Found at Hy-Vee, Walmart, Target, and King Soopers/Kroger

-Enjoy Life (?) Egg Rolls: Honestly I necer ate something like this before I was Gluten Free. Things like egg rolls were so foreign to my family. I am not sure when I first decided to ttry them but I was hooked instantly! The wrapper has the perfect amount of flakiness to it and they pair great with Thai(?) Sweet and Sour Sauce. 3 come in a box and I can guarantee they are gone in one sitting. Found at Festival Foods, Hy-Vee, and King Soopers/Kroger.

-Lastly, Perfectly Cooked Italian Style Meatballs: Who doesn't love a good meatball? These are so handy because they are microwavable, so they are perfect for a busy day or night. I never was a spaghetti and meatball girl but I LOVE meatballs with potatoes and gravy (SO Midwestern, I know). I know meatballs aren't had to make but frankly mine never turned out! I have only been able to find these at King Soopers/Kroger, unfortunately!

Thank you for taking the time to read this , once again. These are just ya few products I could think of on the spot but I am always open to try new ones! If oyu have any you can't live without, feel free to send me a message! If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer those as well. Lastly, if you didn't enjoy my blog abd you feel I should know, just keep that to yourseld. Once again, this isn't for you, it is for me.

Lots of love,

Sabrina <3

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